Class Information


I've tried to cover the more common questions here, but if you've anything more specific you want to know, just contact me and I'll get back to you.


What shoud I wear?

You don't need ballet kit.  A good starting point is a t-shirt and leggings.  You can start with just socks, and then if you want to keep coming along, buy a pair of soft sole ballet shoes.


Once you've settled in and seen what most of us wear, you can decide if you want to get tights, leotards, skirts and so on. 


Which level class should I join?


If you want to be safe, join Beginners/Mixed Ability.  If you find this too easy you can always try Improvers/Progresson, and then choose which you prefer.  Several dancers stay for both.


Can I do exams?


Yes, for those who are interested optional Medal Tests, through the International Dance Teachers' Association, are available to all our adult dancers.


Am I too old?


Never! We have dancers well into their 70s and 80s; there is no age limit!  The classes are aimed at dancers aged over 18, however, teenagers are also welcome with parent permission.


I have mobility challenges, can I still dance?


Basically, yes!  We have dancers with knee and hip replacements enjoying and benefiting from dance.  The class content is made fully accessible to all abillities and ranges of movement.  The majority of dancers attending with mobility issues have found an improvement in their range of movement and greater mobility in everday life.


I have children, can they come with me?


As a mum herself, Sian understands how childcare can limit parent's opportunties to take part in activities.  If you have children, or a baby, and wish to attend class you are welcome to bring them along.  All we ask is that the children remain as quiet as possible during class.  New mums can also particpate in class while holding their baby in a sling.


However, please note that any child accompanying a parent dancer remains the responsibility of the parent while on site.  Monmouthshire Adult Ballet teachers, or the venues used, accept no resonsibility for the safeguarding of any minor on site while their parent takes class.   07871 772 335